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April and Italian Weddings


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This Month Limoncello Making Class on April 2nd and Tiramisu Making Class on April 24 at Gioia.
Festa Gioia Open House Sunday, April 17 (NOTE DATE CHANGE!)

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The Italian Wedding

Much of the wedding traditions of today stem from the Italian traditions and those from the Roman times. In America today, many Italian-Americans like to incorporate some of their ancestors’ traditions into their own wedding reception. Perhaps someone you know.

Italian FlatwareIn Italian tradition, to ask for a woman's hand in marriage, a man (or in some cases, his brother or another male relative) went to speak to the woman's father. If her father gave his blessing and both families were fine with the arrangement, presents were then exchanged. This is now like anengagement party. It was customary for the prospective groom (the pretendente) to give his future bride a diamond ring before the engagement was announced. A diamond ring stems from the belief that a diamond was created by the flames of love. The reason the bride-to-be collected hope chest, (la dote) in Italy was because of the many wars fought there and the fear that all material items would be stolen by invading soldiers.  If families could afford it, there was a dowry of monetary value and in some cases domestic goods such as dishes and silverware. A tradition in Northern Italy is for the groom to give the bride’s bouquet as his last gift to her in their courtship. I think this is a romantic tradition.

Venice LaceOn their wedding day a beautiful bow adorns the doorway of the church or place they are to be married letting the townspeople know there is a wedding to be held there today The color of the gown would vary in different regions. Brides wore a green dress to symbolize fertility. The veil dates back to Ancient Rome where the bride was hidden from the groom in an arranged marriage until the wedding day.  Of course now in Italy a white gown is most often worn. When the newly married exit the church, it is a custom to throw rice or paper confetti to represent good fortune and money and a pair of doves are released for love and happiness.  I did not read this, but in our family it was also a tradition to give a bouquet of flowers to honor mother Mary and during the service the bride would place it at the foot of the statue of Mary next to the altar with a prayer said to help her to be a good wife and mother.

Florence Etched GlassTo kick off a wedding reception, the bridal party is kept apart from the rest of the guests for approximately an hour and guests are served cocktails during this time. In Italy women are treated to sweet liquors and men to stronger drinks. Often limoncello is served. (Take advantage of our upcoming class to learn how to make your own limoncello!) The guests then form a long line through which the bride and groom and wedding party are announced and cheered as they enter the reception. They immediately take to the floor for their first dance, followed by the traditional dances we still are accustomed to today. The bride dances with her father, groom with his mother. The traditional dance to begin the wedding reception is the Tarantella, the Spider Dance, and can get the entire place hopping. This is a traditional and medicinal dance for good health. Then the guests will take their seats with the toasts we still hear today. Champagne will be flowing and drinks are served to start the festivities and to toast the couple with “Per Cent’anni” which means “for 100 years.” Other popular toasts are “Evviva gli sposi” which means “Hurray for the newlyweds.”

Tony and Christina WeddingGuests may be served up to 14 different courses and the cake or desserts served with espresso. Cake isn't served in many regions of Italy. Instead, other regional favorites, mille-foglia, an Italian cake made from layers of light filo pastry, chocolate and vanilla creams, and strawberries or zuppa inglese, tiers of pound cake filled with chocolate and vanilla custard, rum cream, and fruit, topped with sugar flowers or a candy dove, a symbol of lasting love. (Photo is of my brother Tony and his wife Christina)

Today many brides carry on the same or similar version of the Italian custom of “buste,” where she carries a small satin bag (la borsa), and guests place envelopes with money inside. Sometimes the bride wears it and dances with the guests in exchange. Almost all Italian-American newlyweds today celebrate the custom of giving their Bomboniere Italyguests a small gift known as a confetti Bomboniera. This tradition dates back to Roman times, and the bomboniera consists of five or seven (always an odd number for luck) sugar-coated almonds wrapped in tulle or netting with ribbons. This symbolizes family life, as well as health, happiness, prosperity, fertility, and a long life together. At the end of the wedding day, a couple breaks a vase or glass and the number of pieces is supposed to represent the number of years that they would be happily married. I have not seen this yet at any Italian weddings I have attended.

Weddings were not scheduled during Lent, Advent, May (Mother Mary is honored), or August (Ferragosto vacation time). Most weddings were held on Sunday as it was considered the "luckiest day" for the bond of matrimony. The honeymoon, "luna di miele" tradition and word dates back to ancient Rome. Newly married couples would spend an entire phase of the moon after their marriage eating a portion of honey at every mealtime.

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Ingredients for LimoncelloLimoncello Class with Valentina at Gioia
Date: April 2, Saturday
Time: Noon to 4pm
Place: 16395 Roseleaf Court
Contact for reservations: 408.640.6628
What to Bring: Click here
Price $55, lunch included

Firenze AntipastieraFesta Gioia April: CHANGE OF DATE!
Lunch and Shopping Italian Style

Date: April 17 (Sunday)
Time: Noon to 6 pm
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court
RSVP 408.640.6628

Semifreddo dessertBaking with Valentina at Gioia
Making Semifreddo Tiramisu

Date: April 24, Sunday
Time: Noon to 4pm
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court
What to BringClick here.
Cost $55 per person, lunch included


Sorrento Inlaid WoodFesta Gioia May Mother’s Day
Date: May 7, Saturday
Time: Noon to 6 pm
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court LG
Celebrate Mother’s Day Italian Style


Lots of Fun and Surprises
Date: June 5, Sunday
Time: 12 noon to 6 pm
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court LG
RSVP: 408.640.6628

GIOIA ITALIAN ART AND PRODUCTS always opened by appointment in Los Gatos. Call Kathy 408.640.6628 or Contact kathywinkelman@gioiacompany.com
And always at your disposal online at www.gioiacompany.com


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Puglia, Italy with Valentina
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