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Blog Carnival: Sales Coaching Tips

The Art of Selling – in Person and Cyberspace
Katherine Winkelman, www.gioiacompany.com

Selling is an art to me. As in any art it requires creativity, a deep feeling of passion for what you are selling. Your passion for what you sell will come through. Do you believe deeply in what you are selling? If your answer is yes then you have the core of what you need for increased productivity. If you are committed to what you are selling it becomes natural. You will want to know more about it and share the good news and so will your clients.

Selling begins with listening, asking, learning about your client, understanding where they are and what they think,A Conversation in Venice.jpg

know, need or wish for. We can educate and be educated. We can “sell” through conversation.

Conversations are best when the defenses are down. What are the road blocks your clients are experiencing? If you truly understand these things you may be able to address them and diffuse the resistance.

In order to have the conversation we need time with our clients. Time is a commodity that is scarce today. It may take ten attempts to contact a potential customer before they have time to respond. We are fortunate to have tools by which we can initiate our conversations. Social media is engaging with people around the world. Specialized sites such as art groups, wine networks,, women in business, college alumni groups offer opportunity to engage in pertinent discussions and learn from others.

In sales we must continuously learn about the world around us. Be knowledgeable about your product or service. To a person that loves people, travel, other cultures, the web has opened grand opportunities to connect with art lovers around the world. Though we sell through the Gioia Company website, I find that clients love to know who is on the other end of the website. Our clients get to know much about us and our Italian gifts business through our Facebook business page.  My friend Valentina says, “I don’t have time to sleep, my Italian friends are awake at night and my American friends during the day” Think and plan who you want to reach by the sites you use.

Connect with Clients. Make sure you have face to face time with clients. Physically attending events and educational opportunities keeps us out among potential clients as much as possible. Gioia supports many non-profits in our area as well as the events held by our associates and causes we believe in. We want to be recommended. We care about our clients’ experience.

Benefits of working with us range from economic efficiency and money saving tools and techniques, to the joy and pleasure that an item creates in giving or in receiving. Italian Heritage Art and Products have been enjoyed since the Renaissance Period. My son says, “If they haven’t gone out of style since the Renaissance I guess they never will”

This is how we sell and grow. Passion, People, Conversation, Knowledge, Relationship Benefits, Connection.

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