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Estate Felice

Beginning July First we are hosting a SUMMER CELEBRATION OF THE ARTS OF SOUTH ITALY. When you shop for items online you may enter the code "Sorrento" and receive 25% discount. Read more 


Sorrento is a beautiful city on the Sorrentine Peninsula just south of Naples and Pompeii. The tall cliffs make for incredible views and one may take elevator or many stairs to beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast, or swim from a boat in the waters off the island of Capri into one of the many grottos. We celebrate the cuisine of Puglia, Come Mia Nonna recipe and story book. Shop for Cameo, Amalfi ceramics, beautiful inlaid wood items and more...

JULY FESTA GIOIA in our showroom in Los Gatos, California is July 21,22,23rd. You can join us anytime even if you are not in our area, we have friends around the world. The festival comes to you through our facebook page. Just click on the facebook logo. Estate Felice!