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Gioia Italian Art and Products to Celebrate Sette Anni

Gioia Italian Art and Products is extending their 15 percent discount online through June and July to celebrate seven years of sharing the joy of the Italian arts through a unique relationship with artist friends in Italy.

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The arts of Italy have always been important to the owners Kathy and Lee Marie, both Italian Americans. "We have spent years enjoying our travels and purchases in Italy. We have enjoyed creating art together and studying about the history of the arts of Italy. Coming from Italian families, we share the old world traditional hospitality and service with you. We decided to create this business to share ‘Joy for Those who Give and Those who Receive’ and have been very successful joining with many non-profits, wineries, Italian heritage groups, theatre groups, art boutiques and more,” says Kathy.

 At Gioia Italian Art, customers will find that something special they want or need. Gioia can also be contacted online for custom Venetian Murano glass and sterling silver jewelry. One of their best sellers is the Murano glass with pearls. Customers interested in Italian ceramics will also find beautiful pieces from Veneto, Tuscany, Umbria and Campania as well as custom work.

 Sorrento Italy inlaid wood masters can create any custom piece desired from tea trolley bars with the large wheels and other furniture, to the small detailed boxes with music, or inlaid wood wall art and coasters with scenes of the area.  Having an Italian wedding? Contact Gioia Italian Art.  They can create Venetian masks for brides and grooms and Venetian masks with custom artwork for the Carnivale or for Comedia dell'arte Theatre.  Masks are created using the 16th, 17th century techniques of mask making in Italy using wool papers and the finest of materials. 

 The history and authenticity of the Italian arts are important to Kathy and Lee Marie. Gioia Italian Art and Products invites customers to take a Venetian mask workshop, painting class, jewelry class, Limoncello class here in Los Gatos, California, or bring Gioia to an event. These classes are conducted by Master Artists from Italy or the U.S. 

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 On the Gioia Italian Art Facebook page, customers can join in the fun: traveling Italy, learning new recipes,enjoying new products and artworks from various areas of Italy and the U.S. Like them to stay updated, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gioia-Italian-Art-and-Products/112457388801734. Customers can also check out a tour of Gioia on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Ab-bdjVEo&feature=youtu.be.

 Have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and celebrate with Gioia the seven years of bringing joy to others by visiting their website. To take advantage of the discount, use the word “bella” at checkout on the website, https://gioiacompany.com/home.



About the company:

 Gioia Italian Art and Products works to make Venetian masks in keeping ancient Italian Art alive.  Personal Venetian Masks can be designed and created for special events. Gioia Company Italian also features a selection of Italian jewelry, Venetian masks, stone Frescoes, and other Italian gift ideas for special occasions. The company, founded in 2006, is built on the strong tradition of Old World Hospitality, fine arts and time-honored craftsmanship. They  support a new generation of Italian artisans, both in Italy and the United States, maintain the interest in gifts from Italy and fine art handcrafted by Italian artisans, keeping centuries-old traditions available to their clients. Besides masks, other gift ideas include sculptures, wine glasses, jewelry, linens, stationary and more. For more information, visit https://gioiacompany.com or call (408) 640-6628.