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Happy New Year 2015


Gioia Buon Anno 2015!

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FESTA GIOIA Buon Anno 2015

RSVP by return email or call 408-640-6628 or contact Kathy at kathywinkelman@gioiacompany.com


And always available for your convenience online at www.gioiacompany.com

Happy New Year Traditions in Italy
Buon Anno Is the
New Years' Greeting in Italy

Italians love festivals, and the ending of the old year and beginning of the new year, il capodanno, is a great time to celebrate in Italy.

New Year's Eve in Italy - La Festa di San Silvestro

La Festa di San Silvestro is celebrated December 31 on New Year's Eve. As with most Italian festivals, food plays a major role. Families and friends get together for a huge feast. The star of the dinner is lentils, symbolizing money and good fortune for the coming year. Traditionally, the dinner in many parts of Italy also includes a cotechino, a large spiced sausage, or a zampone, stuffed pig's trotter. The pork symbolizes the richness of life in the coming year.

Huge midnight fireworks displays celebrate the coming of the new year. Most towns have public displays in a central square, but private parties will also include firecrackers or sparklers, too, and will continue for a long time. Naples is known for having one of the best and biggest New Year's fireworks displays in Italy. Some smaller towns build a bonfire in the central square where villagers will congregate into the early morning. If you're near the coast, lake, or river you will hear boats and ships blowing their horns.

Dancing is also popular, and many towns have public music and dancing before the fireworks. Rome, Milan, Bologna, Palermo, and Naples put on huge popular outdoor shows with pop and rock bands. These events can sometimes be seen on television, too. Before New Year's Eve, the store windows are filled with manequins in red underwear. Why? Answer here. Also read more New Years Eve traditions by clicking here.

Kathy with Ernest Borgnine

Carnevale Venezia 31 Gennaio al 17 Febbraio

Carnival, the greatest masked event of our times, has very ancient origins in Venice. It even seems that Carnival was already celebrated in the Tenth Century. During the Serenissima Republic, the celebrations practically lasted six weeks, from the 26th of December to Shrove Tuesday when the bells announced the beginning of the Lent. In this period people made merry from morning to night and the Republic tolerated everything. Everybody wore a mask behind which any social difference was temporarily abolished. Saint Mark's Square and the other little squares of the town became vast stages on which people organized entertainments of any kind.

The most theatrical and impressive performance of Venice Carnival was, with no doubt, the "Flight of the Angel," now renamed the "Flight of the Dove." The performance consisted of a man whose waist was tied with ropes, doing acrobatics.First he had to ascend, by means of a pulley device, from the dock to the belfry of Saint Mark’s bell­tower and then had to go down to the balcony of Palazzo Ducale and offer some little bunches of flowers and poetical works to the Doge who was watching the show from there.

Venice Carnival was abolished by Napoleon at the end of the Eighteenth Century. Its organization was resumed in 1979, and has been brought back to its original splendour. Nowadays mask-wearers come from all over the world to crowd the Venetian squares, but above all Saint Mark's Square and its cafés. Besides the traditional masks, you can see queer and quaint disguises, and many dances, parties, concerts and performances in theaters are organized.

Murano GlassGioia Company celebrates with you the Carnevale Season by offering beautiful masks and Murano jewelry made in Venezia and the USA for 25% discount in January and February. Beautiful one-of-a-kind masks are wearable and make beautiful home décor.

Join us for Festa Gioia January 17 and 18 from noon to six pm. We will be serving the lentils soup for a New Year 2015 Good Luck Luncheon Meal to celebrate the traditional good fortune that comes with lentils at New Years. Or Gioia always open by appointment in Los Gatos. 408.640.6628

Shopping online? Use the code "Roma" to receive your 25% discount!

Calendar January


Regional Lunch Piemonte
Date: January 15, 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PST
Italian American Heritage Foundation
For more information: http://www.iahfsj.org/programs/events/

Gracie Cross braceletsFesta Gioia Capodanno
Date: January 17 and 18 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: Noon to Six pm
RSVP 408.640.6628
25% discount on Venetian masks and jewelry
Online use the code Roma at checkout

Pasquale Performs in Palm Springs
Date: January 24 (Saturday)
Location: Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs
The Voice of a Legend about Enrico Caruso
For more information: http://www.psmuseum.org/palm-springs/performance/pasquale-esposito/

Guest Bartender Night
Date: January 28th (Wednesday)
Time: 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location: Silicon Valley Capital Club
All Donations Benefit Hope Family Services
Reservations: http://www.clubcorp.com/Clubs/Silicon-Valley-Capital-Club
  • Karen and Ronnie Lott of the 49ers fame
  • Pasquale Esposito, Italian Tenor
  • Aldo, owner of Aldo's Restaurant

Republic of Venice flagFesta Gioia Romance in Venezia
Date: February 14 (Saturday)
Time: Noon to Six pm
RSVP 408.640.6628
We will celebrate with foods and beverages of the Veneto Region of Italy
25% discount on Venetian masks and jewelry
Online use the code Roma at checkout

Carnevale around the World
Date: Begins February 17 (Tuesday)
To visit the official site for Carnevale Venezia (which begins 31 January and ends 17 February) visit:  http://www.carnevale.venezia.it/

GIOIA ITALIAN ART AND PRODUCTS always opened by appointment in Los Gatos Call Kathy 408.640.6628 or Contact kathywinkelman@gioiacompany.com
And always at your disposal online at www.gioiacompany.com


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TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES 2015!! Save the Dates!!


Thinking of staying in the Vietri sul Mare region? Here is a B & B owned by one of our friends in Italy, check it out.  
CASA IDA Historic House Rental & B&B Italy
Campania, near Vietri sul Mari, 
Contact Raffealla Baldi
Cava Dei Tirreni, Campania, Italy
Or on Facebook

Sorrento Emotions and Dreams
Italian Specialist and Local Residents
Luxury Tailormade Vacations
Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Isle of Capri and all of Italy
Enjoy holidays, short breaks, weddings, honeymoon, dining, cooking, shopping, scuba diving, water activities, coastal excursions with personal crew.
Contact Signore Tonino Pepe, pepetonino@hotmail.it, and tell him Gioia Co. sent you.


Puglia Italy with Valentina
May 27 to June 5, 2015
Travel through the Puglia region
A step into real Puglia with Valentina, Author, Designer, Artist and Native
For more information, click here.

UMBRIA/TUSCANY-- Right on the border
Vacation at Le Selve, an Agriturismo!  Contact info@gioiacompany.com or 408.640.6628 for a special introduction to the owner. Sleeps six or 12. Two stories. Separate units. Beautiful view. Organic olive grove. Walking trails. Full kitchen. Swimming pool.

See you soon...

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