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Red, White, Blue, & Green

2013 is “The Year of the Italian Culture in the United States of America”

Italian immigrants to the United States from 1890 onward became a part of what is known as “New Immigration.” Poverty was a main reason for emigrating from Italy, but political hardship and the dream to return to Italy with enough money to buy land were motivators as well. For 80% of Italians, agriculture was their livelihood.

Between 1900 and 1915 3 million Italians immigrated to America, which was the largest nationality of “new immigrants.” These immigrants, mostly artisans and peasants, represented all regions of Italy, but mainly came from the mezzogiorno, Southern Italy.

Our grandparents aBiscotti jarll met and married in the United States. They immigrated by ship to Ellis Island in their teens. Can you imagine? They had sponsors and went to work at doing what they had learned in Italy. We found letters to them from family members talking about the poverty in Italy. One of our grandfathers was honored in World War I as an Italian soldier in the Battle of Veneto. In the United States an Italian woman from Piemonte could meet and marry a Sicilian man. They met in her father’s bakery shop in Los Angeles. Her father and his brothers won an award at the World’s Fair for their “grizzini”, bread sticks. Our Italian grandparents worked as bakers, in produce, farming, shoe repair, seamstress, and homemakers. Our father and mother followed in their footsteps as our family continues to farm apricots, row crops and make extra virgin, organic olive oil in the San Benito County of California. We come from a family of eight children who grew up in farming, developing a strong work ethic and moral foundation, and continue the culture in which we were raised--Italian-Americans.

In July Gioia Company salutes the contribution that Italians have made in this United States of America. Join us for the Red, White, Blue and Green party on Saturday and Sunday, July 6th and 7th. Feel free to share any stories and pictures with us of your families and their lives in America.
Festa Gioia Red White Blue and Green
Date: July 6 & 7 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time: Noon to 6 p.m.
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Ct., Los Gatos
Italian Shopping Experience
Join us for a celebration of the American and Italian cultures! Enjoy our red, white and green tortellini salad;
   red, white and blue cake; more Italian aperitivi; and always new items from Italy.
   Share pictures and stories of any Italian American that you want. We will post them on our Facebook page.
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