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March Festa Gioia, St Joseph and Inlaid Wood Discounts


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Festa Gioia March 2017! 
St. Joseph's Day, Spring, and Inlaid Wood


Gold Leaf Glasses Carla and Inlaid Wood Tray|FNAME|, For many people, March brings thoughts of March Madness Basketball, Spring Training Baseball, and the Ides of March mentioned by William Shakespeare. The Ides were used frequently to predict gloom. In Ancient Roman Civilization, the calendar year began March 1st, a change thought to be instituted by King Romulus in 753 B.C. The 15th of March was the first full moon of the calendar year, known at that time as Ides. During the late Roman Republic, a new year’s festival was held on the ides of March.

People would gather a mile outside of Rome on the Via Flaminia by the banks of the Tiber River. Participants celebrated with food, wine and music and offered sacrifices to the Roman god Anna Perenna for a happy and prosperous new year. Between 222 and 153 B.C., the Ides of March also signaled the beginning of the new consular year, in which two annually-elected consuls took office as leaders of the republic. In 46 B.C., the calendar was redesigned by Julius Caesar to begin January 1st and to have 365 days to a year. The dictatorship of Julius Caesar brought great despair and on the 15 March, 44 B.C. he was assassinated. From then on, “beware the Ides of March” saying refers to a danger. 

We all celebrate St Patrick’s Day, March 17th, with the Irish. Did you know March 19th is St. Joseph’s Day and celebrated by the Italian culture in America? Our Italian Grandfather Giuseppe, Joe, Nanu, was born in Licata, Sicily on March 17th and though he was Italian, there was never a birthday that we celebrated with him where he wasn’t wearing the Irish Green. He was named for St. Joseph.

In the year 1479,, March 19th was designated as St. Joseph’s Day by the Pope, to honor the spouse of Mother Mary and the earthly father of Jesus. The holiday falls during Lent when Catholics abstain from meat on certain days. Therefore, a St. Joseph’s Table will be filled with meatless dishes. Sunday, March 19th the Italian American Heritage Foundation San Jose will celebrate St. Joseph's Day (click here for link).

Our Nanu immigrated to New York as a 14-year-old and eventually made his home in Los Angeles where he drove the bakery truck for the Five Brothers Bakery Shop, also called Piemonte Bakery because it was owned by the Donato Family from Piemonte. That is where he met and married our Nana Catherine Donato for whom I am named. Joe loved to sing, and eventually lived next door to us on our apricot and walnut ranch in Hollister. I can see him walking into the room singing, “You made me love you, I didn’t want to do it.” And he joined Enrico Caruso singing along to O’ Sole Mio on his one sided O’Sole Mio record. We learned much of the Italian culture from our grandparents as that was their culture.

Inlaid wood coasters and coffee tableWhen our friends came for Sunday dinner which began about 2 pm, the table was always set for a couple more than the 12 of us. There would be prayer and at least three courses and you had to be present, especially on St. Joseph’s Day. Nanu and our father were in the cattle and farming businesses together in San Benito County. Our family is still farming and ranching in San Benito County and a couple of our brothers and their wives produce Brigantino Olive Oil (click here for link),

St Joseph was a carpenter so during the month of March there will be a 15% discount on all Inlaid Wood items from Sorrento: music boxes, jewelry boxes, playing card boxes, inlaid wood wall scenes of Sorrento, furniture, and coasters. Visit Festa Gioia March 26th or call for an appointment (408-640-6628). Online use the work Bella at check out. 

Sorrento Inlaid WoodSpring begins March 20th! Meanwhile the Christians will observe Lent, a time of soul searching and a time of self-discipline to strengthen the spirit, until we celebrate Easter Sunday on April 16th, 2017. The Carnevale season has ended in Italy and the Italians observe this somber time of Lent, but in the US because we are of diverse backgrounds, the Carnevale theme will continue to make for colorful events for fundraising and celebrations. Colombo Club of Oakland will be wearing masks and enjoying their monthly club family dinner on March 25th. Gioia will have a table there to sell masks and Italian Items. Santa Clara University Catala Club hosts Mardi Gras Masquerade Casino Night Fundraiser is April 1st. and Gioia has donated to this event.

We hope to see you this month, if you cannot make Sunday March 26 Festa Gioia, perhaps one of these other occasions. Feel free to make an appointment to visit Gioia Company. (408-640-6628) Happy March!

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Gioia is always open by appointment, Contact Kathy 408-640-6628.



The Colombo Club of Oakland 
Gioia will be there with masks and other Italian Items for sale.
Date: Saturday, March 25
Time: 6 p.m.
Family Dinner: Carnevale
Sunday Sugo: Meatballs, Salsicia and Past
Click here for more information: http://www.colomboclub.org/default.html

Festa Gioia March
Spring and Inlaid Wood (15% discount)

Date: Sunday, March 26
Time: Noon to 6 p.m.
Place: 16395 Roseleaf Court Los Gatos      
RSVP 408-640-6628

Santa Clara University Mardi Gras Fundraiser
Raising funds for student scholarships
 Saturday, April 1st
Time: 5:30 to 9:30 pm
Place: Locatelli Center Santa Clara University
For more information click here.

To prepare in advance for any Masquerade event get your masks at Gioia Company. Click here: https://gioiacompany.com/webshop/category/venetian-masks/11/272

They host many Italian Cultural Events each month:
For more information click this link: http://www.iahfsj.org/#!events/cfvg
Mark your calendars for Italian Family Festa  August 26 and 27th, 2017 in San Jose, California: Click this link for more information: https://www.italianfamilyfestasj.org/


The growing Little Italy San Jose Area is in downtown San Jose near the San Jose Arena and Guadalupe Park THEY INVITE YOU TO JOIN THE EFFORTS. Check out the projects and follow the news by clicking this link.  http://www.littleitalysj.com/ 


GIOIA ITALIAN ART AND PRODUCTS always opened by appointment in Los Gatos. Call Kathy 408.640.6628 or Contact kathywinkelman@gioiacompany.com

And always at your disposal online at www.gioiacompany.com


TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES 2017!! Save the Dates!!

Casa Ida Vietri sul MareCAMPANIA

Thinking of staying in the Vietri sul Mare region? Here is a B & B owned by one of our friends in Italy, check it out.  
CASA IDA Historic House Rental & B&B Italy
Campania, near Vietri sul Mari, 
Cava Dei Tirreni, Campania, Italy
Or on Facebook

Sorrento vacation postcardSORRENTO
Sorrento Emotions and Dreams
Italian Specialist and Local Residents
Luxury, tailor made vacations
Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Isle of Capri and all of Italy
Enjoy holidays, short breaks, weddings, honeymoon, dining, cooking, shopping, scuba diving, water activities, coastal excursions with personal crew.
Contact Signore Tonino Pepe, pepetonino@hotmail.it, and tell him Gioia Co. sent you.

Puglia, Italy with Valentina
Fall 2017.
Travel through the Puglia region
A step into real Puglia with Valentina, author, designer, artist and native

UMBRIA/TUSCANY-- Right on the border
Vacation at Le Selve, an Agriturismo!  Contact info@gioiacompany.com or 408.640.6628 for a special introduction to the owner. Sleeps six or 12. Two stories. Separate units. Beautiful view. Organic olive grove. Walking trails. Full kitchen. Swimming pool.

See you soon...

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