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Notizie per Novembre November News

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Italians celebrate the Truffles and Chestnut Festivals in November in Northern and Central Italy. This is a marvelous season for food and for great meals. You will find specialty items on restaurant menus including truffles and wild mushrooms. The tourism has quited and time to take a passegiata through the towns with the local people.

November begins the beautiful transition of colors that are loved by the Italians. The yellow colors of the fields in the fall, the red and orange colors of the turning leaves the greens and blues mix in the color of the olive groves and the sea. Transitions are a part of our lives that provide for us a natural change and in this time we give Thanks for the blessings of the past year and enter the "giving season" with a thankful heart.

We want to bring attention to the needs of the people of Liguria resulting from a violent storm and flooding in Vernazza and the Cinque Terre. Please follow our friend Nicole's blog posts and help if you can. http://culturalcomments.blogspot.com/2011/10/disaster-strikes-vernazza.html

We invite you to visit our website, www.gioiacompany.com and visit us by appointment any time before Thanksgiving. Festa Gioia will be the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving where we will showcase both fall and the Christmas Season. Gioia will be opened through December by appointment and we invite you to our Christmas Celebration Festa. We thank you sincerely for supporting Gioia and sharing our Joy in the Arts of Italy and Italian Arts in the United States.