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October celebrates Italian Culture in the USA

11 A.M. TO 6 P.M.

RSVP by return email or call 408-640-6628 or contact Kathy at kathywinkelman@gioiacompany.com


And always available for your convenience online at www.gioiacompany.com

October Is National Italian American Heritage and Culture Month

“2014 -- The Year of the Italian Language in America”

Autunno in the Northern Italian City of Merano (pronounced Meerano), Region South Tyrol, Alto Adige.A few years back we were fortunate to spend some time in Northern Italy in the fall. Autumn,l’autunno, is a glorious time to visit any of the cities at the foot of the Alps and the Dolomite Mountains. The colors of fall leaves against the green hills and beautiful rivers will take your breath away.  (Picture is Autunno in the Northern Italian City of Merano (pronounced Meerano), Region South Tyrol, Alto Adige)

Have you ever heard of the Tyrol Region?  Actually a country itself at one time, and still maintaining much independence politically, it is currently part of Italy. Beginning in 15 B.C. Merano was a Roman city when the Romans occupied the Adige Valley. (Wikipedia) South Tyrol is an administrative entity whose origins go back to World War I. The province as it exists today was created in 1926 after an administrative reorganization of the Kingdom of Italy and was incorporated together with the province of Trento into the newly created region Venezia Tridentina (Trentine Venetia).  In Italy this region is referred to as Alto Adige. If you are interested in visiting this area which is so incredibly beautiful and rich in products, read more here

All over Italy the harvest is on for the grapes, olives, mushrooms, chestnuts, strawberries, pumpkins and squashes and other vegetables. At Festa Gioia we will prepare lunch in the fall Italian tradition, so please join us Saturday, October 25 for an Italian Piazza lunch and shopping Festa Gioia Autunno event. With the holidays approaching you can join Valentina Cirasola at Gioia for a Limoncello-making day on Sunday October 26th. This popular event includes sampling foods related to making limoncello and tasting the limoncello itself as well as hearing many stories of the Italian traditions in Italy from Valentina and learning her family recipe. Valentina was born in Puglia, Italy and is the owner of Valentina Interiors and Designs and author of two cookbooks that will also be available for purchase. She'll be happy to sign your copy. This is a wonderful preparation day for the coming holidays.

October is National Italian American Heritage and Culture Month celebrating under the United States Presidential Proclamation!  There are many activities scheduled around the country please check in your local areas and read more about the many opportunities in San Francisco, California. (Photo is Kathy with the Mayor of Rome, Sr. Ignazio Marino and Past President of San Francisco Italian Athletic Club Gianrico Pierucci at Festa Coloniale San Francisco 2014.)

Gioia Company will be joining D’Argenzio Winery and the North Bay Italian Cultural Foundation in Santa Rosa, California as part of their Rootstock Italian Festival on October 12th. Please mark your calendars, check out their Facebook page, and join us if you are in that area.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month we will honor our mother Gloria Brigantino and all of those, including myself, that have been lost or challenged by Breast Cancer. We will have items for sale to benefit the Good Samaritan Hospital Cancer Center, including Murano Glass Jewelry and Stroller Blankets by Gracie.

Speaking of Gracie, congratulations on her award: 2014 American Fraternal Alliance Fraternalist of the Year. Gracie is one of the artists we support and a very dear friend. October 2nd we will host one of the clubs she works with, the Royal Arcanum, here for lunch and shopping at Festa Gioia to earn funds for their charities. Amazing! You may be interested in watching her video to get to know better the marvelous person we are fortunate to work with.


Calendar September & October

GIOIA ITALIAN ART AND PRODUCTS always opened by appointment in Los Gatos Call Kathy 408.640.6628 or Contactkathywinkelman@gioiacompany.com
And always at your disposal online atwww.gioiacompany.com

Festa Gioia New hours 11 am to 7p.m. Featuring Brigantino Olive Oil, new ceramic items, Murano glass jewelry, Venetian masks, and more. Join us for a fall luncheon and shopping experience.
 Sept. 27 (Sat.)
Time:  11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court, Los Gatos, CA
RSVP: Call Kathy 408.640.6628 and Lee Marie 650.967.0765


2nd Royal Arcanum Club Fundraising
2nd Royal Arcanum Club group FUNdraising event luncheon and shopping at Gioia Co.Congratulations Grace Howell of Gracie Designs for being chosen as the Fraternalist of the Year for all of the United States and Canada!
Date:  Oct. 2 (Thurs.)
Time: 12:30 p.m.
RSVP: Gracie - 408.425.5280

Italian Rootstock Festival

Visit the Gioia Booth!
Date:  Oct. 12 (Sun.)
Time: Noon to 6 p.m.
Location: Santa Rosa Vintners Square, 1301 & 1305 Cleveland Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
For more information, click here.

Club Auto Sport Anniversary Celebration CartOberfest--Visit the Gioia Booth! 
Date:  Oct. 16 (Thurs.)
Time: 6-10 p.m.
Location: Club Auto Sport, 521 Charcot Ave., San Jose
For more information and tickets, click here

Fashion Plates
Fashion Plates Santa Clara University Catala Club raising money for school scholarships (my alma mater). Social, luncheon, and fashion show FUNdraiser silent auction.
Date:  Oct. 22 (Wed.)
Time: 11 a.m.
Location: San Jose Country Club, 15571 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127

Festa Gioia
Join us to celebrate National Italian Heritage and Culture Month
Date:  Oct. 25 (Sat.)
Time:  11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court, Los Gatos, CA
RSVP: Call Kathy 408.640.6628 and Lee Marie 650.967.0765

Holiday Limoncello Class with Valentina
Date: Sunday October 26
Time: Noon to 4 p.m.
What to Bring:
  8 fragrant lemons or oranges
  1 peeler
  34 oz Everclear or vodka
  Container and seal large enough to hold the peels and the alcohol
  The spirit of an Italian adventurer!
Location: 16395 Roseleaf Court, Los Gatos, CA
RSVP: Call Kathy 408.640.6628
Cost: $45 per person


Showcasing our Boutique Galleries and Wineries . Please shop at our Affiliate Stores:

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Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robleshttp://sculpterra.com/ 

TRAVEL OPPORTUNITIES 2014!! Save the Dates!!

UMBRIA/TUSCANY-- Right on the border
Vacation at Le Selve, an Agriturismo!  Contactinfo@gioiacompany.com or 408.640.6628 for a special introduction to the owner. Sleeps six or 12. Two stories. Separate units. Beautiful view. Organic olive grove. Walking trails. Full kitchen. Swimming pool.

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