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Romance, Millefiori Murano and Inlaid Wood Sorrento

Italians love Romance every day, not just on Valentines Day or at Weddings. The fine artworks offered by Gioia Italian Art and Products are exceptional examples of the passion of the glassblowers for their work. Millefiori glass, for instance, dates back to the Roman times. Many artifacts found in Rome and in Pompeii date back to the days of the Roman Empire. This ancient technique was revitalized in the 16th Century and again in the late 1800's. The artists of Murano (one of the Venetian Islands) worked to perfect the art of Millefiori.

Millefiori means "a thousand flowers" and looks just like a field of bright colored flowers. Long tubes of glass are blown in various shapes and cut to resemble flowers. Then returned to liquid inside a particularly shaped mold to create vases, jewelry, glass bowls and more

.Millefiore and Italian Sterling Silver 30 in. $115.JPG

We at Gioia Company Italian Art and Products love this art and the story of the art dating back to ancient times. The art will never be out of style if it has been around for over 1000 years. The pieces we carry are the finest found by designer Alan K. Italian Sterling silver finishes these pieces and a 30 inch Italian silver chain.

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Inliad Wood is also an art form from ancient times. The center of the inlaid wood art production is in Sorrento, Italy. Thin layers of various woods are cut according to a pattern by a very thin saw. Then the woods are mixed into a puzzle type scene. The colors are derived in a natural manner and are not painted. Gioia features an inlaid wood red music box with a heart design. Always magnificent gift. Join us for Festa Gioia and listen to the song in the music box. Torna a Surriento, Return to Sorrento!