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Top Presentation Strategies

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Sunflower Bowl (2).jpgSmile. At the Invent Your Future Conference for Women in April we were fortunate to share in presentations by University Professors, Authors, Executives, and Business Women. A presentation by Guy Kawasaki on his recent book, “Enchantment The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions” was right on in my book. Begin with a smile. Your smile is unique and welcomes your listeners to a happy place. Even when the topic is serious, the presenter says by smiling, “I’m happy to be here sharing with you”.


Engage. Have you experienced the beauty of Italy? The Arts of Italy? Do you agree that Italian Paintings, Ceramics, Statues, Linens, Jewelry are all visual pleasures with a practical use application? What was your favorite thing about Italy? Do you plan to make a trip to Italy and where would you like to visit?


As a small business owner, Gioia Italian Art and Products, we make informal presentations to clients monthly at what we call Festa Gioia, A Joyful Party, where we showcase our products. We are in the business of spreading joy through the hand made Arts of Italy and Italian Art made in the USA. We engage our listeners by asking questions that draw them into the conversation or thought process. When we become involved with the topic we become better listeners.


Share a Story Dialogue begins with asking your audience questions that they will hopefully be interested in identifying with and continues by story telling. Perhaps it is something personal we have experienced, or something we happen to know about the topic. The audience gets to know us more personally through sharing something about us. Why did I create an Italian Art and Products Business? That’s a story.


Humor. We add a touch of humor to the presentation. People love to laugh and to be entertained no matter the seriousness of the message. Time is valuable. If a listener is generous enough to be giving time to your presentation, make it enjoyable and valuable.

Why in the world would someone use a Rooster as a model for pitchers, ceramic plates, statues? Think about it, a rooster?


Knowledge. We make sure we are knowledgeable about what we are presenting. We love the history of the Italian Arts. Where did a pattern come from? Why is there a particular coin represented on a necklace?  Why is a particular art typical of a particular region? Learning is exciting and interesting and time well spent.


Visuals.sunflower.jpg We are visual creatures and our products are visually pleasing. Visuals are entertaining and help us to remember what is being spoken about. We learn in different ways and many are visual learners. We have a program working with wineries to antique empty wine bottles and create beautiful, unique sculpture for resale. These bottles have been featured in several newspaper and online articles. The visual can be the focal point for the topic of the presentation. We often use the sunflower when creating these wine bottle sculptures and ceramics. Our website, www.gioiacompany.com is designed to engage the visitor first with visuals, then stories and introductions to artists and products with opportunity for interaction with Gioia by Contact us and Facebook..



Interactions are relationship building. Questions most always follow a presentation and learning continues with the conversation. As presenters we value the conversation as that is how we also learn what the clients think, want, and know. The Social Media of today provide opportunity for continued conversations and relationship building. We hope to be recommended often as a source for unique fine art gifts. Grazie.