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What people are saying Gioia Italian Art and Products

Thank you Grazie Eric ,Helen, Rita, Johannah, Debbie, Joanne

Cheshire Cat.JPG

"I can't say enough about the mask. Its well made, the colors are amazing.
The silver was a great balance all over the mask.
I especially liked the little touch of additional teeth along the edge of the mask.

I put it on in the dark, and when light hits the silver, it totally gives it that look of the Cheshire Cat fading into the shadows with the contrasting black.

Totally worth the money I spent, and I plan on using this mask again and again."Eric, Sacramento 

" Millione Grazie for all you do in the community. You truly are a person with talent and compassion. ...I will always cherish my mask " Helen, San Jose

Rita in Santa Clara wrote: "yes, absolutely gorgeous..but you and your company, Gioia ALWAYS offer the most beautiful items hand selected by you and all made in Italy! I will call you to discuss purchase...thank you"

From Johannah in San Jose "I LOVE IT!  Wow, you and Carla really outdid yourselves, it’s perfect!!!  And SO me! "(Carla created a personal mask for her based on her wishes)

"I received both (Murano Glass Pendants) yesterday in the mail and opened them today!  I am so thrilled with them  both.  Everything you do you do with class.  OMG, they are both gorgeous.  I haven't decided which my sis will get but she is going to love it!  I haven't seen faceted murano glass before, and you are so right...the settings are amazing.  The length and quality of your chains are perfect.Thank you for a job very well done!  Also, appreciate the wonderful note cards and your gift cert.  I wish we were closer in distance...I'd come help you at your sales events." Debbie in California

I love those plates. (special order fish shaped plates from Vietri)  I'm planning a holiday luncheon soon and I'll be using them.  I'm thinking of serving Barefoot Contessa's "Baked Shrimp Scampi" on them.  Also I found beautiful milk iridescent chargers to go under them. Joanne