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When I say Happy 2012 I Mean HAPPY

Since 2006 Gioia Company, a collection of small business owners, master artists, entrepreneurs, has extended to all that we meet, traditional Italian Hospitality, dignity, respect, and "Joy for Those Who Give and Those Who Receive" our beautiful Italian and American made products.  How we are treated and how we treat others is key for happiness and healthy relationships.

Happiness and Anxiety are relatives. They are part of the Emotions Family. Our emotions are the foundation for how we cope with daily life. 2012 will be best if we treat each other with respect and dignity in the way we speak, listen and behave. In the deep and long recession, as it has been described, it is my belief that we will reduce anxiety by using courtesy and hospitality in all of our exchanges with one another. This is a choice and comes free of charge.

Have you heard the saying, "It's not what you say it's how you say it." ? Here are examples from my neighborhood, the Silicon Valley. Lay offs and terminations are an unwanted experience and handled differently by companies. It is important, I believe, for a true Leader to use a professional approach which includes treating each person with dignity and respect. Let your employee know he or she is a valuable person, explain the circumstances, give them support, dialogue and understanding.

Instead, many people have experienced comments such as,"You should be home taking care of your kids", "You are probably ready to retire" to let them know their job is in jeapardy. Or you are excluded from meetings you have attended for ten years, with no explanation. Or you are a young sales person preparing for your review with charts and projections and are instead blasted by your employer who does not even look at what you have prepared. Where is the respect? Have you been chastised publicly in work emails? Emails are ok for speeding up the process of doing business, but can also be impersonal, rude,short and often times do not communicate what is really wanting to be said. There is nothing like personal contact.

This is where Gioia Company focuses our energies. Each month since 2006 we have offered our Festa Gioia open house "come over for lunch" shopping event where you will be treated with respect and traditional Italian hospitality, sharing the joys of the arts especially those initiated during the Renaissance times. We "go out" to support events in the Italian Communities and Non-Profit sector. We are also available to our clients for personal commissioned orders and shopping by web, phone and email. We keep our facebook page up to date, Gioia Italian Art and Products. We welcome you to our "family".  And we are always open by appointment. We will continue to offer our Italian Arts and Products to you with dignity, respect, and hospitality in 2012 for a very Happy New Year.

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