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La Cucina Italiana

Italian Ceramic Wine Coaster

Beautiful and colorful, an Italian ceramic wine coaster adds an Italian flare to the table while making sure the tabletop and tablecloth are protected. Styles vary, all are imported from the Tuscany and Umbria areas of Italy. Please describe the one(s) you would like when ordering. Price is for ONE wine coaster.

Price: 35.00,- USD

Italian Flatware Salad Server Tosca Bordeaux

This Italian Flatware Salad Server has such flare that it dresses up La Cucina Italiana and is also a perfect hostess gift--especially during the holidays. The salad server set, made in Northern Italy, is dishwasher safe.

Price: 35.00,- USD

Deruta Three Footed Bowl

Our Italian dinnerware ceramics are hand made in (Deruta or Tuscany) with much love and care for the art. This 10” three-footed bowl adds dimension and beauty to your dining room table. Great quality, practical use and beautiful decor for your Cucina Italiana.

Price: 115.00,- USD

Tuscan Sunflower Pasta Bowl Red

Our Italian dinnerware ceramics are hand made in (Deruta or Tuscany) with much love and care for the art. Imagine serving family and guests your favorite pasta recipe in this beautiful red 15” pasta bowl. Great quality, practical use and beautiful sunflower decor for your Cucina Italiana.

Price: 150.00,- USD

Deruta Wine Coaster

A most intiquate and elegant of ceramic pieces

Price: 45.00,- USD

Ricco Deruta Cream and Sugar

The most famous region in Italy for Ceramic production is Deruta. The Creamer and Sugar are a beautiful addition to La Cucina Italiana and dress up your everyday table as well as entertaining guests. Both stand approximately 4" tall and sugar is 6" wide, creamer approx 4" wide

Price: 75.00,- USD

Italian Ceramic Olive Oil Dipping Bowl Olive Pattern

This is made in Florence Italy and features the beautiful olive branch. The words Brigantino Olive Oil are written on this bowl which makes it a great gift on its own and a compliment to Brigantino Olive Oil. A great combination for the Italian Kitchen, for hospitality gifts and professional gifts.

Price: 38.00,- USD

Vietri Italy Ceramic Olives and Lemons Platter

This beautiful Wall Plate can also be used for serving your guests in the style of the Amalfi Coast with the colors of the Mediterranean and the fruits of the Vietri area. Measures 12 inches. Wonderful Italian Gift Online

Price: 180.00,- USD

Vietri Italy Ceramic Centerpiece Bowl

This Centerpiece Bowl is made and painted by hand in Vietri Italy, one of the most artistic regions. It has beautiful rope handles, measures 12 ". Bella! A wonderful Italian Gift Online

Price: 175.00,- USD

Italian Flatware Ivory Coffee "Mocha" Spoons

The Italians love their coffee and it is enjoyed even more when using these stylish mocha coffee spoons, part of our Italian flatware collection. They are a work of art created in Northern Italy of the finest quality materials. Italian flatware is great for gifts--and for your own kitchen! This set of six coffee "mocha spoons is dishwasher safe low temperatures. (Click picture for larger image.)

Price: 40.00,- USD

Italian Murano Glass Bottle Toppers

Whether it is for wine or olive oil, the Italian kitchen would not be complete without a topper

Price: 50.00,- USD

Italian Ceramic Pizza Plate

Pizza anyone?

Price: 25.00,- USD

Brigantino Olive Oil

We make our exquisitely flavored olive oil from trees imported from the Tuscany Region of Italy grown in an orchard nestled in the beautiful foothills of the San Juan Valley. Warm days and cool ocean breezes combine to create this captivating olive oil. Our trees are grown organically in virgin soil giving this cold-pressed and unfiltered olive oil a unique flavor. The Tuscan olive varietals Leccino, Pendolino., Frantoio, Maurino.

Price: 18.00,- USD

Italian Ceramic Wall Plate Gioia

Beautifully painted in Florence, Italy just for you of our Gioia logo. This wall plate measures 16" and includes a beautiful hand painted image and the word Gioia which means Joy. We thank Regine in Florence for creating this just for us. Unique and Exclusive. Enjoy.

Price: 400.00,- USD

Vietri Italy Ceramic 34" Cold Dinner Set

Beautiful Red with fruits and flowers. A true showpiece as you serve your entire meal or antipasti in this plate collection. 7 individual pieces can be used together or separately. Abbondanza!

Price: 450.00,- USD

Vietri Italy Ceramic 23" Cold Dinner Set

This is a great size for those that love to entertain a few guests at a time. Beautiful red with flowers and fruits painted by hand in Vietri. 7 pieces can be used toge3ther or separately. Abbondanza!

Price: 350.00,- USD

Vietri Italy Limoncello Bottles

These beautiful Limoncello Bottles hand crafted in Vietri Italy for your home decor and for your own home made limoncello! These are specially priced for your gift giving fun. Please mention the style that you like in a note to us!

Price: 80.00,- USD

Florence etched Grottesche pattern champagne

Created by the top artisans of Florence, etched in the historical Grottesche pattern. Price is per glass. Elegant and Daily enjoyment of La Dolce Vita.

Price: 85.00,- USD

Florence Etched Wine Glass Grottesche Pattern

Created by the top artisans of Florence, etched in the historical Grottesche pattern. Price is per glass. Elegant and Daily enjoyment of La Dolce Vita.

Price: 85.00,- USD

Deruta Italy Four Cup Server

This most beautiful four cup server is detailed by hand by Artist Rita Mari. This is unique and never to be put away from view.

Price: 220.00,- USD

Italian Ceramic Butter Dish Deruta

The colors are unique to this pattern, black background, with cherries and daisies. We love the loop handle.

Price: 75.00,- USD

Italian Flatware Tosca Verde Salad Server

This is a beautiful holiday green Italian Flatware salad server set. These sets make great hostess gifts and enhance La Cucina Italiana. Made of the best quality materials in Northern Italy, this Italian Flatware is dishwasher safe low temperatures.

Price: 35.00,- USD

Italian Flatware Ivory Laura Salad Server

This Italian flatware ivory Laura salad server set is designed as a larger salad serving set. Elegant and regal, it is made in Northern Italy and is dishwasher safe low temperatures.

Price: 55.00,- USD

Deruta Italian Ceramic Cup and Vase

Beautiful, hand painted, made in Deruta Italy for wine cup or for beautiful flower vase on your table. Stands 4 inches tall. Price is for one. Choose as many as you like.

Price: 45.00,- USD

Italian Ceramic Sunflower 9 in. Plate

Do you love Sunflowers? Girasole? This 9 inches plate can be hung on the wall and also ready to serve any guest that may come by.

Price: 55.00,- USD

Italian Ceramic Sunflower Antipastiera Plates

Beautiful and Fun for serving appetizers, pastas, salads and more. Enjoy the beauty of the hand painted art on this practical piece. Measures 20 inches. Use pieces together and individually. Marvelous.

Price: 285.00,- USD

Vietri Ceramic Wine Champagne Flutes

Hand thrown and painted in Vietri sul Mare Italy, these are eye catching art treasures sure to keep your wine and champagne cool and your table bar enhanced with gorgeous decor. Traditional Italian Art with Modern Touch. Price per flute.

Price: 58.00,- USD

Deruta Italy Ceramic 12 inch bowl

Hand made and painted in Deruta Italy. Beautiful Centerpiece Bowl. Measures 12 by 4 inches. Food Safe.

Price: 210.00,- USD

Florence Italy Ceramic Wall Plate 14 inches

Hand made and painted in Florence Italy this beautiful plate is decorative and also food safe so that you can enjoy using on your table.

Price: 150.00,- USD

Tuscany Italy Ceramic Espresso Cups Set of 2

Hand made and painted in Tuscany your espresso will taste even better when you can serve in these authentic and beautiful pieces. A great addition to any home.

Price: 78.00,- USD

Lucca Itay Ceramic Latte Cup

Hand made and painted in Lucca Italy this large cup measures 7 inches across 4 inches deep. Great also for soups. Each scene is unique artisan design.

Price: 68.00,- USD

Tuscany Italy Ceramic Mugs set of 2

Beautiful hand made and painted in Tuscany this mug set will bring you to thoughts of Tuscany as you enjoy your favorite coffee. A wonderful gift.

Price: 88.00,- USD

Italian Flatware Sage Laura Salad Server

What a beautiful and unusual Italian flatware set this is! Laura sage is a larger salad set in a very Italian color and design. This set makes an elegant hostess gift or for use in your own home to dress up any salad. Dishwasher safe low temperatures.

Price: 55.00,- USD

Italian flatware Coffee "Mocha" Spoons

These Italian flatware coffee spoons are elegant and practical at the same time. The red, white and green add character to La Cucina Italiana. Buy a set for yourself and a set for your friends, (tu amici). This set of six spoons made in Northern Italy is dishwasher safe low temperatures.

Price: 40.00,- USD

Italian Sunflower Plate

Our beautiful Italian sunflower "girasole" plate is hand painted in Florence Italy for Gioia. This plate can be hung on the wall or used as a dessert or antipasto plate, bringing cheer and joy to your event. The plate measures approximately 11".

Price: 75.00,- USD