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Melissa and Gus

Large Sculpted White Bowl Italy

Hand made and painted in Italy. Measures 17.5 inches. This piece is wonderful for salads and pastas as well as a decorative centerpiece fruitbowl.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Oval White Sculpted Serving Platter with Handles Italy

Hand made and painted in Italy measure 21.5 inches and makes for an incredible display . Pasta can be served. This piece can also be used as a tray.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Round White Sculpted Platter Italy

Beautiful Hand made and Painted in Italy. Measures 15.75 inches. Elegant serving piece.

Price: 0.00,- USD

White Sculpted Cake Platter Italy

Any Cake will be displayed so beautifully with this piece. Measures 15.75 inches.

Price: 0.00,- USD

White Sculpted Square Serving Bowl

Made in Italy this beautiful square serving bowl measures 9.5 inches. Perfect for serving vegetables, salads and desserts. A great addition to La Cucina Italiana

Price: 40.00,- USD

White Sculpted Rectangular Serving Platter Italy

A great shaped platter for appetizers, bread and anything you choose. Measures 15 inches. Hand made and painted in Italy.

Price: 0.00,- USD

White Sculpted Oval Bowl Italy

This oval bowl with handles is made and painted in Italy, looks beautiful on any table and is a practical size for many items including vegetables. Measures 15.5 inches.

Price: 0.00,- USD

White Sculpted Pitcher Italy

Beautiful addition to La Cucina a pitcher is always needed for beverages but also for flower bouquets. Measures 9 inches tall.

Price: 59.00,- USD

White Sculpted Coffee Mug Italy

This 16 ounces cup will keep your coffee hot and look beautiful on your table. Hand made and painted in Italy

Price: 45.00,- USD

White Sculpted Footed Candy Dish Italy

Many uses for this piece hand made and painted in Italy. Cookies, Candies, Nuts. Beautiful on the table. Measures ten inches square.

Price: 0.00,- USD

White Sculpted Compote Italy

Beautiful Fruit Bowl with a stem. Measures 15 inches tall, beautiful to display fruits in la cucina.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Coffee Mocha Spoons Made in Italy

A beautiful set of coffee spoons from Italy can also be used with appetizer

Price: 55.00,- USD

Pizza Serving Plate Made in Italy

Beautiful design on this fun pizza serving plate made in Italy. Measures 13 inches and great to have in your kitchen.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Pizza Server Italy

Made in north of Lake Garda Italy. Excellent quality and design.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Large Centerpiece Bowl Italy

Beautiful hand made and painted in Italy both modern and traditional in design. Measures 21 inches.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Italian Gold Leaf Tray

Hand made and painted with gold leaf in Italy. Measures 16.5 inches and everything will look beautiful on this tray.

Price: 0.00,- USD

Damask Tablecloth Venice Italy

Pure Quality Linen made in Venezia. Beautiful ivory Damask design with gold trim on one side and the reverse side can be solid Ivory color. Measures 90" by 72"

Price: 220.00,- USD

Rectangular Platter Made In Italy Taupe

Lovely platter in a great taupe color will complement any kitchen colors. The shape is great for appetizers and bread, for cookies or a loaf cake.

Price: 45.00,- USD